Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tammy Rief - Mother of the Year

Several human rights groups have declared Tammy Rief Mother of the Year.   Ms. Rief gave up her career when she found out she was pregnant with her miracle baby Jonah but more importantly, she gave up her freedom and risked her life to protect and save her son after he was taken from her and trafficked.  After all that, she continues to be separated from her son.  People around the world are praying for her child's safe return.

Jonah Rief was trafficked through Australia in February 2013.  The traffickers used a phony passport with the false name of Jonah Sullivan.  Naked photos of Jonah went up in March 2013 on the Facebook site of one of the traffickers.  Emails sent by the traffickers indicate he was taken to New South Wales in Australia.  Tammy and her family with threatened with death.  Fearlessly, Tammy sought the help of the State Department.  Later she was grabbed and placed in solitary confinement for 91 days with no notice of why she was being held.  Following that, secret proceedings took place in San Diego that were presided over by Kenneth So and in which the traffickers were allowed to call all the shots.  Tammy continued to be confined without any legitimate justification until August, 2014.  She was placed under a false name of Reese and her bunk was assigned to a Clark.  Tammy was repeatedly told that she was in danger of being killed.  A father of one police chief who tried to look into it was also threatened.  It is believed that only the perseverance of Tammy's supporters kept her alive.  Several girls at the facility where she was held were not so lucky and authorities have been asked to look into the deaths that occurred there.

Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris and the U.S. Attorney General's office have been contacted by thousands of Tammy and Jonah's supporters and have been asked for help. Around the world, prayer vigils have been repeatedly held.

At an awards ceremony at Trafficking Watch on Saturday night, Tammy Rief was declared Mother of the Year for her uncompromising quest to save her son Jonah Rief.  Tammy has also received awards from both Democratic and Republican organizations for her attempts to expose the danger posed to all American parents.   Patrick Henry, one of the groups that has worked with both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, is among the groups that has honored Ms. Rief.  From an ongoing State Department investigation, it is known that a ring of California judges and other officials are involved in the trafficking.  The California ring is believed to be linked to recent revelations about an Australian murder and sex ring reportedly tied to Anthony Kidman.  The location of Jonah's trafficking is the same site exposed in the Antony Kidman scandal

 Numerous prayer vigils have been held internationally for the return of Jonah to his mother Tammy.  Joice Coleman of Trafficking Watch stated, "Tammy is a role model for other mothers. She has sacrificed so much and we all pray her efforts will pay off with the safe return of her son."